The restless wanderer will never lack for new realms to explore. Mystic has 243 different areas at the last count, many of them written exclusively for this mud. New players start in one of eight temple cities depending on their race, but can move on at their leisure, roaming safely along the extensive road/river system joining the continents and towns of the land.

Many players enjoy mapping and exploring as much if not more than fighting and leveling. Some of them have provided maps for all to enjoy and benefit from.

If you have maps that you'd like to see included here, just drop the admins a note or e-mail. Include your URL, name on Mystic, and whether you'd like to remain anonymous.

Overview of the Realm

Search areas by letter:

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After the Mystic landscape underwent a major upheaval a while back, during which areas and transportation routes shifted into a more geographically coherent form, Fife prepared a rough overview map of the new lands, as well as agraphic of the new Mydgaard.

Johanna also drew an Overview Map of Mystic Adventure, based o the area layout as it was in October 1999. Gorph also drew a  World Map in 2008 which included the new western continent

there is also a very colourful a Anonymous map of Milarbor

New players start off at the entrance to the Mystic Academy.

The Temple Cities (Areas with "Recall" sites)

The temple cities of Mystic are denoted by astericks in the temple room title. Temple cities are places of rest and rejuvination for the battle-weary adventurer, and home ports for the inveterate explorers. Each temple city provides shelter, food, armor, a bank, hospital, and have all the latest technologies such sewers. They, like all realms of the mud, are interconnected via the road and river system. Players are encouraged to move out of their starting cities and explore - smoe of the temple cities are peaceful,others wild and unruly. The cities of Akaikiku and Stratz in particular, provide attractions more suited for players who have wetted their blade a bit.

They have guilds, banks, hospitals, shops for armor, food, potions, and dry goods, as well as handy, if expensive, blacksmiths. 

Levels Name  Author 
20-90 Akaikiku (Nippon) Badger
All Anasazi Gendolyn 
1-30  Kraig's Keep Mac/Jerrik 
1-50 Milarbor Rydia/Ryla 
All Mydgaard Fife/Tealin
All New Atlantis Azure
All New Mega City One AuShad
All  New Olympus Oracle/Kethry 
All  Quebec Cobra 
1-20  The Shire Anon
All Stratz Zurix/Al/Thalen
1-50  Thrull Leonara

Fife and Tealin have drawn up maps of each temple city, which are now available to purchase from a shop in each city for a nominal fee. These show a lot more detail than the maps on this web site. In all cases the map shop is within easy walking distance of the temple. Go explore and find them youself! :)

Suggested Areas for new players

Here are some suggested areas for you to explore as a new player, once you've graduated from the academy. (Don't forget to explore the academy's library and clan halls before you go!)

Levels Name Author Where to find it
1-15 Kobold Village Imms  Just east of New Mega City One, off Thieves' Crescent Road 
1-15 Drow Training Hall Zurix/Keth  Hidden in the tunnels under the temple city of Stratz
1-5 Dwarven Day Care Sandman  South side of the dwarven city of Kraig's Keep
5-10 Graveyard Alfa North of Mydgaard through Kerofk
5-15 Gnome Village Crys A boat trip through MoonSmoke Sound from Quebec. Follow the Southern Brandywine and Iridescent rivers west.
5-20 Immortal Graveyard Kethry Go north through the arched entries that can be found in all temple cities.

Finding Your Way Around The Realm

There is an extensive network of roads and waterways for finding your way around

 Raven's Reach ____      ^^^ Northern Coastal
         _____/    \___  ^^_____     ___/---(*)--\____          ^^^^
         |              ^^      \___/    Kraig's      \ Runestone  ^^^
    (*)Stratz             ^^^^^           Keep         \        ^^   ^^^
        _|                ^^^^                     ____/     ^^^ (*)  ^^
        \_ Moss          ^^^^^        Mydgaard    /           ^^  Atlantis
          \_Rock          ^^^^      /----(*)--\   |               ^^^^
            \             ^^        |          \__|---(*)
    Shire   /           Quebec  ____|Greenstone       / Milarbor
        (*)-\        /-----(*)--|                    /
             \______/       |_                       \ Changeling
             / Elona          \_Thieves'    Thrull    \
             \                  \_Crescent       (*)--/
             /                    \_                  |       ^^^^
             \_                     \__   Mega-One  __|___      ^^   Nippon
               \__     Olympus     _/  \    __(*)  /      \__  ^^  __(*)
           Great  \___  (*)      _/     \__/   |__/   Orient   ^^^
          Southern    \__|__     \_                            ^^^^
            Mountain        \___   \                             ^^
Mystic Road System                           Surveyed by Fife and Tealin


Levels Name Author
 All Bugbear Toll Road (inc. trade path) Candor
All  Changeling Road Imms
all  Cliff Road {All} Candor
All  Elona Road  imms
all The Emerald highway imms
All  Great Ocean Connector candor 
All  Great Southern Mountain Rd. (E) imms 
All  Great Southern Mountain Rd. (W) imms 
 All Greenstone Road imms 
All  Moss Rock Road imms 
All  Northern Coastal Road imms 
All  Orient Road (East Part)  Imms
All  Orient Road (West Part) imms 
 All Raven's Reach Road imms 
 All Runestone Road imms 
All Shaft through the earth Candor
All  Thieves' Crescent Road (E)  imms
All  Thieves' Crescent Road (W) imms 
All  Waterway Road  imms


Levels Name Author
 All Bloodbrush River  imms
All  Crystalmir River imms 
All  Iridescent River imms 
All  Jade River  Imms
 all Mariner's Cove imms 
All  MoonSmoke Sound imms 
All  Poseidon River imms 
All  Prism River imms 
All  Southern Brandywine River imms 
 all Stormy Seas  imms
All  Tangleweed River imms 
 All Urd River imms 
20-100 Vast Ocean (part 1)  Lysergia
20-100 Vast Ocean (part 2)  Lysergia



The roads and waterways are grouped together into areas called "Roads & Rivers 1", "Roads & Rivers 2", etc, most often authored by "Imms". They do not appear on the in-game areas list. 

Player-Killing Areas

Player killing is only allowed in these areas. It is not allowed elsewhere in the game.

Levels Name  Author 
5-15 Dangerous Neighborhood Raff
1-25 Forgotten Farm Baldur/Raze
20-30 Battlecraft Candor
26-50  Killing Fields Baldur/Raze


Battlecraft is a special battle/capture the flag area - humans vs. the undead. Type "HELP BATTLECRAFT" within the game to learn more about it.

Full Area list

Oyg drew a large number of ASCII maps with hypertext links for navigating from area to area. Oyg's maps of Underdark and Mega Maze First Floor are must-sees! The maps were then expanded and updated by Gorph and others, including newer areas such as the recently discovered continent upon where Anasazi is found.

Xeron mapped the Keep, Lost Valley, Wookies, Mega Maze, MegaMaze Basement & the Airy Citadel. He gives a brief description of each area, replete with warnings of aggressive mobs and the statistics on any notable items. Originally he also gave the choice of previewing one of his maps or downloading it in postscript form. He's done a beautiful job.

So far i have been able to find these maps by xeron (and a big thank you to kereal for finding the airy citadel and kasshykk images):

  • Airy Citadel - still missing 2 map images - "North and South Towers" and "East and West Towers"

I have Xeron's info/advice on the following areas but unfortunately not the map images:

Below, you'll find information on each area - index number, range of suitable player levels, area name and author. There are other areas which do not appear in the area list when you type "AREAS"... what are they?? who knows! secret!

Some areas also have brief descriptions, to give the curious a better feel for what they might find, if they choose to strike out into the unknown and seek their fortunes along the roads. To see the description of the area you are currently in, type "AREAINFO" from within the game.

Number Levels Name Author Mappers Comment
119 40-70 Abbey Aztech/Restrin Oyg  
115 50-65 Abyss (The) Anon Oyg  
83 95-99 Airy Citadel Shantyr  Galgoth  
139 99+ Amazonia Kethry Xthirsis  
78 All Anapest Copper Oyg  
238 10-25 Ancala CAW  Oyg  
224 85+ Ancients (The) Candor/Allanon Gorph  
202 15-50 Anemone Gardens Lysergia Gorph  
103 30-70 Ant Hill Imms Oyg  
44 5-20 Arachnos  Mahatma Oyg  
11 15-35 Astral Plane (The) Andi Oyg  
180 All Bag End Aztech/Kitiera Oyg  
241 20-30 Battlecraft Candor   Randomised layout
231 Varies Beyond the North Pole Candor Gorph  
118 99+ Call of the Damned Kethry  Galgoth  
85 20-52 Camelot Lok Oyg  
71 30-80 Castle Land (Delain)
Castle Land (Kerlak)
Goose Oyg Two sub-areas
106 40-60 Castle Reinhold Mort Oyg  
81 10-25 Caverns of the Skull Jerrik Oyg  
23 15-25  Chapel Catacombs Copper Oyg  
41 50-99 Citadel of the Overlords Leon Oyg  
5 1-50 City of Thrull Leonara Oyg Temple city 
94 30-50 Cleric Convention (The) Galgoth Gorph  
169 55-80 Cloud Castle Kethry Oyg  
102 70-80 Coven Lok Gorph  
66 5-45 Crystalmir Lake Strahd Oyg  
77 30-55 Cursed Wood (The) Llew Oyg  
183 30-60 Dairy Farm (The) KunDu Anon  
13 5-15 Dangerous Neighbourhood Raff Anon Player killing area
91 50+ Dark Caverns and Demonia Trahern Oyg  
38 15-35 Dark City Allanon Oyg  
116 90+ Dark Shiro (The) Selex Oyg  
236 100+ Dark Spiral (The) Selex Gorph  
69 30-70 Descent to Hell Strahd Oyg  
48 1-15 Drow Training Hall Zurix/Keth Oyg  
12 10-20 Dwarven Catacombs Raff Oyg  
46 10-25 Dwarven Kingdom Anon Oyg  
61 15-25 Dylan's Area Dylan Oyg  
227 100+ Echoes of Eternity Athena   Not yet mapped
62 5-60 Elemental Canyon Raff Oyg  
127 45-70 Enchanted Woods Kethry/Deth Anon  
30 5-15 Enclave Anon Oyg, Galgoth  
124 All Evica Empire (The) Selex Anon  
101 15-30 Faerie Ring Kethry Oyg  
132 All Fields (The) Kethry Oyg  
87 20-50 Flood (The) Rosethorn Oyg  
129 All Forest of Sorrow Imms Anon  
225 1-25 Forgotten Farm Baldur/Raze Anon Player killing area
104 8-53 Freeport Lok Oyg  
63 20-30 Galaxy Doctor Oyg  
8 5-15 Gnome Village Crys Oyg  
64 20-35 Goblin Camp Allanon Oyg  
1 All God Land Imms   Not yet mapped
243 All God Land II Candor   Not yet mapped
2 60-90 Golem Master's Lair (The) Thalen Gorph  
25 5-10 Graveyard Alfa Oyg  
37 10-20 Great Eastern Desert Anon Oyg  
17 5-35 Great Pyramid (The) Andi Oyg  
42 5-10 Haon Dor Diku Oyg  
10 10-30 Haven & Glass Fortress Mahatma Oyg  
73 45-65 HighLands Karl Oyg  
6 70-99 High Tower of Sorcery Skylar Oyg  
59 5-20 Holy Grove Alfa Oyg  
128 95+ Holy Tower (The) Candor   Not yet mapped
50 5-20 Immortal Graveyard Kethry Oyg  
137 5-20 Immortal Graveyard 2 Imms Oyg   
75 All Isle of Quake (The) Spitfire Oyg  
88 20-45 Isles of Pirate Lords Lok Oyg,Galgoth  
72 90+ Kasshyyk Goose Xthirsis,Oyg  
199 50-90 Kazad-Dum Aztech Gorph  
74 65-100 Keep (The) Beet Gorph,Galgoth  
14 15-35 Keep of Mahn-Tor (The) Chris Oyg  
31 5-30 Kerofk CAW Oyg  
226 26-50 Killing Fields Baldur/Raze Anon Player killing area
203 10-40 Kingdom of Quegular KunDu Gorph,Galgoth  
22 1-15 Kobold Village Imms Oyg  
40 1-30 Kraig's Keep Mac/Jerrik Oyg Temple city
218 40-80 Land of Chess Diana Gorph  
19 5-15 Land of the Fire Newts Nirrad Oyg  
233 10-20 Looking Glass (The) Candor Anon  
125 All Lost in another Universe Candor   Special/quest area
111 70-100 Lost Valley Vin/Rex/Ques Oyg  
114 30-45 Mega Maze First Floor Sphynx Oyg  
113 60-99 Mega-Maze the Basement Charz Oyg  
24 5-15 Miden'nir Copper Oyg  
68 1-50 Milarbor Rydia/Ryla Oyg Temple city
95 25-55 Monastery Kaphre Oyg  
29 5-15 Moria Alfa Oyg  
26 1-10 Mud School 1 Hatchet Oyg  
108 All Mud School 2 Imms Oyg  
131 All Mud School 3 Imms Oyg  
21 All Mydgaard Fife/Tealin Oyg Temple city
76 30-99 Mystical Castle Allanon Oyg  
141 All New Atlantis Azure Oyg Temple city
36 40-70 New Draconian Realm Flynn Oyg  
201 All New Mega City One AuShad Gorph,Galgoth Temple city
98 All New Olympus Oracle/Kethry Oyg Temple city
28 1-17 Newbie Cottage (The) Silverwraith/Candor Anon  
96 20-90 Nippon Badger Oyg Temple city, also called Akaikuku
92 75-99 Oasis (The) TheNut/Maxis/Ravie Oyg  
126 60-80 Obsidian Tower (The) Ganthat/Stich Gorph  
229 All Occide Island Candor Gorph  
56 35-60 Old Marsh Crysania Oyg  
240 70+ Olympus Generic Gorph  
110 45-60 Orshingal Anon Oyg  
140 90+ Oz Restrin/Aztech Gorph  
60 70-99 Parliament Sphynx Oyg  
35 90-150 Pirate's Cove Ethelred Anon  
54 20-45 Plane of Nirvana (The) Forstal Oyg  
105 5-35 Port Mort Oyg  
239 All Quebec Cobra Oyg Temple city
27 4-15 Rats Lair (The) Hatchet Oyg  
53 20-30 Redferne's Residence Diku Oyg  
234 All Rite of Cleansing (The) Candor Galgoth  
43 20-99 River (The) Picard/Fife Oyg  
7 50-70 Rocky Shoreline (The) Lysergia Oyg  
100 60-100 Rumania Crysania Oyg  
86 1-100 Samurai Training Grounds Shinju Gorph  
93 40-80 Sargrail Shantyr Oyg  
45 99+ Scary Circus Binky Gorph  
57 99+ Scary Square (The) Keops Neeva  
80 70-99 Sea Singer Zurix Oyg,Eris  
232 85+ Segregant (The) Candor Gorph  
49 5-30 Sewer Diku Oyg  
32 1-20 Shire (The) Anon Oyg Temple city
17 All Stratz Zurix/Al/Thalen Oyg Temple city
34 15-30 Stratz Mine Zurix Anon  
181 All Temple of the Anasazi Gendolyn Gorph Temple city
79 1-50 Temple of the White Lotus Strahd Oyg  
39 10-25 Thalos Anon Oyg  
4 5-35 Three CAW Oyg  
99 50-80 Tournament Niobe/Wydok Oyg  
235 100+ Town of Shrile (The) Selex Gorph  
16 40-70 Traveler's Inn Zurix Oyg  
18 70-85 Troll House Thalen/Trueblood Oyg  
15 10-70 Ultima Casret Oyg  
90 20-50 Underdark Silence Oyg  
142 35-70 Under the Sea Valeda Oyg  
123 20-40 University (The) Selex Gorph  
121 100+ Vale (The) Aztech/Candor Gorph  
52 5-20 Valley of the Elves Hatchet Oyg  
70 30-60 Varfleet Allanon Xthirsis  
33 20-100 Vast Ocean (The) Lysergia Oyg  
97 15-40 Wamphyri Thibor/Lysergia Oyg  
109 60-80 Wastelands Selex Oyg  
242 10-99 Whack-a-Troll Candor Anon  
82 30-80 Whistling Mermaid Info Oyg  
9 5-30 Wyvern's Tower Tyrst Oyg  
67 15-50 Yggdrasil Glop Oyg  
Unlisted Areas (Partial Information Only)
Number Levels Name Author Mapper Comment
  1-20 Odds & Ends Imms Anon  

 Credits for Huistocical Explorers and Mappers

Legendary documents that are pending archiological experditions to rcover them!


Lameer has created ASCII maps of all the low level areas and travel routes between them. Dwarven Daycare, Elemental Canyon, Kraig's Keep, Mydgaard, Mystic Academy, Shire, Thrull, the Sewers, and part of the river system are already posted, just to name a few. He also has a nifty search engine set up which allows players to look for areas by either name or level.

Protector's Clan

The Protectors Clan members have drawn up more than a dozen ASCII maps of various areas.


Larathia drew some maps, but we don't seem to have links to them any more. She did however create extensives list of potions, pills, wands, and staves that she found on her travels across Mystic. The list includes item name, description, affect, and location, and should be considered indespensible to anyone who gravitates to the magical on Mystic. This information can now be found via our Magical Items page.