Mystic Adventure is a text-based online game with a medieval/fantasy theme. If you've played "text adventures" before, Mystic Adventure takes the concept to the next level - an online multi-user dungeon (MUD) where you can interact with other players from around the world, explore, adventure and socialise together!

The realm has many appealing features including unique classes and races, over 20000 rooms to explore, creative and interesting quests, and a wonderful community atmosphere with plenty of channels and social commands. Mystic Adventure is a detailed, interesting game that provides new challenges to veteran players.

Does it seem like your sort of thing? Ready to give it a try?

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Many experienced players prefer to play using a specialised Mud Client application that provides extra functions. For those players, the address to connect to is:

telnet 4000

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Mystic Adventure is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, is entirely free-to-play and does not carry advertising. Players choose the in-game character names to be known as - you don't have to use or share your real-life name. We do not collect, use or sell players' personal info.

 What our players say...

"The thing that has kept me coming back to mystic for over 10 years is the game itself... Every time I play I learn something new. I don't think I'll ever learn everything there is to know about the world, and to me, that's what keeps me coming back." - Gabran

"I've been playing mystic since the mid 90's and Through everything I always end up back there. I've tried MUDS of all shapes and sizes and Mystic is still my favorite." - Shinju

"A great mud populated by great people, they have 14 main races, with some of those having lots of subraces, there's 17 classes to choose from(some i've never ran across before) so surely you can find one to suit your playstyle." - Pol

"this very newbie friendly world is rich and detailed and beware, for it can be very addictive, so if you are looking for an enchanting distraction jump over to Mystic Adventure and say hey, i'm sure you will find something to keep u busy." - george

"The descriptions are fleshed out, and the mud is full of places to explore. But you better like leveling, because at MA you are basically never finished. Players who have been there for years are just getting into the 200s and there are 500 levels. All in all, it's a fun mud with lots to do and friendly people to do it with." - Juli

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