As a player of Mystic Adventure, you have the option of joining a clan - a group of members who hold the same ideals and goals, a family of sorts. Currently, there are 12 clans in Mystic Adventure. Each is unique in its own right. If you are interested in joining a clan, make sure you do a little research first and find one that fits your needs.

  1. Only a God may allow a new clan to be started.
  2. A flat 5 million gold fee is charged to join a clan.
  3. New clans are considered by subitting a proposal to the Imms with your plans for a clan. The cost of a new clan is 40 million gold.

For more information on each clan, see the descriptions which follow. To update or modify your clan information, please contact the immortals.

The Brotherhood of the Sacred Pointy Stick

Short Name Pointy
Home City Milarbor
Mortal Leader Galgoth (formerly KunDu, Felagund)
2nd in Command - (formerly Ryqer, ShadowSpawn)
Home Page or
Membership Open to all players level 20+
Multi-Clan Not allowed
Notes Please contact Galgoth on board 4 if you wish to apply for membership.

Clan of the Auburn Shadow

Short Name AuShad
Home City Mega-City One
Mortal Leader Hettar (formerly Majik)
2nd in Command Sobar (formerly Mookie)
Home Page - (formerly
Membership Evil preferred, good welcomed
Multi-Clan Not allowed
Notes Membership based on completion of clan quest & leader vote.

Folk of the Azure Seas (formerly Azure Depths)

Short Name Azure
Home City Atlantis (new)
Mortal Leader Baldur (formerly Lysergia)
2nd in Command Sauli (formerly Abigayle)
Home Page
Membership Open to all
Multi-Clan Not allowed
Notes Must be level 20+ to apply.

Muses of the Escapade

Short Name Escapade
Home City Mydgaard
Mortal Leader Wic (formerly Oyg then Tat)
2nd in Command Candor (formerly Santino)
Home Page http://www.Geocities.Com/muses_of_the_escapade/Home.html
Membership Must be at least level 15
Multi-Clan Yes, provided notification is given
Notes Those interested in joining the ranks of Mystic's poets and bards should post a note to Solo and candor expressing their interest.

Elite Imperial Guard Corps

Short Name Corps
Home City Thrull
Mortal Leader Moloch (formerly BiP then Gorph)
2nd in Command Feiht
Home Page
Membership Open to all above level 20
Multi-Clan Not Allowed
Notes Player must have ability and mud knowledge to be self-sufficient. Clan will not tolerate inappropriate behavior such as begging and whining.

Guardians of the Spirit

Short Name Guardians
Home City Kraig's Keep
Mortal Leader Genesis (formerly Marie)
2nd in Command -
Home Page
Membership Level 50 and above
Multi-Clan Not Permitted
Notes Our Goal is to enhance and reflect the spirit of Mystic Adventure. Those dedicated to the development of the clan, and the mud please send a note to the clan.

The Cabal of the Illuminati

Short Name Illuminati
Home City Quebec
Mortal Leader Kastina (formerly Ilik)
2nd in Command Rianne (formerly Angor)
Home Page
Membership Must be at least level 20 and complete a quest.
Multi-Clan No
Notes The Illuminati is an ancient secret order of Sages and Travelers. Adventurers of brave heart or exceptional merit are sought. A working knowledge of MA is a requirement. Those who wish to join should send a note to [Illuminati] on the Personal Board.

There are also a number of Historical Clans which are no longer active.