Hidden deep within the Megamaze, is the means for the brave and clever to advance to an even greater challenge, Megamaze Level 2! This 3-D Maze was created by Charz, and is described in the Area List as suitable for levels 60-99.


Although there are mobs here that a level 60 would have no problems with (the ogres), the area they are in is patrolled by some very high level aggressives (Ball Lightning). While Ball Lightning's do not have a huge number of hit point, they can dish out a tremendous amount of damage, and have killed more than one level 99 character. This area is cunninly designed. and rather large, totalling nearly 350 rooms of up and downs and twists and turns, making it one of the easier places to get lost in. Room names are little help, as each room is "a familiar room". The entire area is no summon/no portal, and most of it is no-recall as well, so if you happen to die here, getting your corpse back can be quite difficult.

All the mobs here are non-aggressive, with the exception of Ball Lightning. The only mobs that carry equipment are the jachyra although the creeper does carry a very nice piece of reboot equipment. Jachyra are all sentinal, invis, sancted mobs, who will steal any cash you happen to be carrying, so make sure to deposit your money before entering, or you will find yourself penniless in short order.

Much of the equipment found in here is quite good, especially for spellcasters as they can boost hit points and mana considerably, at a rather significant cost to strength and damage roll, however. Some of the items here are beach towel, a jewel encrusted crown , silk stockings, spark of lightning, a pair of animal skin sleeves , and a spiked leather bra.