Located between Milarbor and Mega-One City, Thrull is a prime location to access the eastern part of the realm. Thrull is lead by Balephemon and his Corps. While heavily populated, some of Thrull's citizens have gone mad from the evil that radiates from the depths of the city. Be wary of these insane nobles, for they lurk behind closed doors waiting to pounce on those who let down their guard; Theirs is a madness not even the mighty healer Sonlith could cure.

On the flip side, while great evil lurks here, some is held back by Darzia, a bright spot in the darkness of Thrull. The half-ogre does her best to drive off the evil that radiates from within the city itself, making it safe for Thrull's shopkeeps like Zelda who sells her wondrous charms and Nerzarian's infamous scrolls. Thrull can also be a safe haven for some, like those who flee from the south, desperately trying to escape the Fewmaster Toede.

With its wide variety of denizens, its location and atmosphere, everyone will gain something when visiting Thrull. Come visit and see what the excitement is all about!


Elite Imperial Guard Corps


Oyg's Map of Thrull {1-50}


Thrull is the name of a creature in the fantasy-themed card game Magic: The Gathering.