New Atlantis is a beautiful underwater city located beneath the vast ocean. Within the shining blue embrace of the sea, this crystal city provides physical and spiritual comfort to travelers and residents with a five-star hotel, numerous boutiques, a well-maintained temple, and fine dining. Manatee Lane is the scholar's source for information and education, with the art schools, library, and cartographer. The freshest fish in the sea is for sale on Orca Way, and the king's beautiful palace and gardens are on Manannan Road. Visitors should bring plenty of money to stimulate and support the Atlantean economy, as there are many beautiful and useful items available for purchase.

Land dwellers need not fear, as a magical dome covers the city, creating a unique atmosphere amenable to both air and water breathers. Those who wish to venture out of the city and into the unprotected depths can find the resources they require on Barracuda Boulevard in one of the many shops.

The Folk of the Azure Depths are responsible for the construction and maintenance of Atlantis. The story of the disgrace of Neptune in Old Atlantis and the rise of the new city can be found in the Library. The city is always changing, and explorers are encouraged to visit frequently to experience its growth.

Resident Clans

Folk of the Azure Seas


Oyg's Map of New Atlantis {all}


Atlantis comes from Timaeus and Critias, two dialogues of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. It's name means the Island of Atlas.