Elrod in a desperate attempt to level

How can building a snow cave possibly have any effect on Elrod's level? Only Elrod and Loulou know the secret behind this desperate attempt. But, here he is, crawling around in his favorite frozen medium...snow! Perhaps the real excuse for this whole endeavor.

The One and Only Elrod

Your friendly Newbie is aware of the endemic confusion concerning the great popularity of the slow-levelling Elrod. By all accounts, such a horrible player should be deleted, rather than worshipped. Thus, I've decided to enlighten my beloved MudMates to the concept of Elrod. Although there are many sources of information for the common Elrod, the best description comes from the book Mammals of the Canadian Wild:
The accident prone Elrod is a frequent dyer, dying twice as often as his average companion. His large corpse count is a result of living in high risk zones, a severe lack of concentration, and a regular string of distractions. His common defence is to bore his adversary with long diatribes on higher philosophy. His popularity stems from a good humoured nature and prolific note writing. The common Elrod can sometimes be seen wearing ragged Nordique jerseys and living on pizza, beer, and pop-tarts. Elrods are not known for leaving big tips.

The real question is, where can one see a real life Elrod? Elrods can be found on many different planes of existence, either wandering the fields of Mystic in a vain attempt at levelling, or playing in any snow filled region of North America. The squashed corpses of Elrods have also been sighted off I-87 near Lewis, NY.


Wimp was let in on the secret connection between building snow forts, and levelling. What these finer points might be are still a mystery to the mud at large.


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