Wimp holding the fiendish Loulou

This picture was taken after Wimp faced Loulou in a fierce skirmish. Not seen in this picture are the battle wounds Loulou left on Wimp's arms and legs.


Here is the elusive Cobra, somewhat drunk in Wimp's livingroom. At this point, he has yet to hear that on Mystic, he is actually Elrod's father. If he knew, I'm sure he'd be even more drunk, with at least a beer in each hand. See what happens when you're the Imp most likely to be imaginary?

Jump, Whizbang, Wimp and Elrod

In a brief foray to the States, Wimp and Elrod join the locals at the top of the Empire State Building. Mrs. Bang is behind the camera, once again. "Don't Jump! Don't Jump!"


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