Avast ye maties, and make way for the Scourge of the Seven Seas, the Pirate God Ethelred. One of the elder statesmen of the immortal realm, he has been with Mystic from the beginning. As a mortal, he created the dreaded Blackbeard and his home Pirate's Cove. In real life, he's a senior research physicist raising two little girls, ages 10 and 12. Aside from physics and mudding, he enjoys computers, camping, and biking.


Active in all facets of Mystic Administration, DrK headed the Player's Council, and is currently involved in remodeling Mystic. In real life, he is an engineer with too much time on his hands. He can often be found mudding from work (Shhh!), and we only hope that his boss never catches him. He is a role model for all warriors, well versed in the finer points of honor and chivalry.


Manta is Mystic's immortal quest master. He spends his mudding hours devising fiendish quests and trivia, or sneaking off for a romp in mortal guise. This picture was taken from his homepage and reveals his true personality better than any description could. He's currently studying computers. This new development came at the end of 4 long years working toward his mechanical engineering bachelor's. He earned the degree, but decided Hell couldn't be worse than HVAC. Aside from mudding and computers, his home page reveals a decided interest in tennis and soccer.


The ancient elf is wearing white robes and carries an old tome in one hand while holding a wooden staff in the other. He has white hair and bright, blue eyes when not in mortal guise. The kind, welcoming smile you see on his face causes a warm feeling to pass through your body. You not only feel better but also feel that he is protecting you from harm. A faint voice whispers, 'I will always protect and watch over you my Child.'


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