Solo watches the show at Sea World

Solo and Son (Solo is the ugly one) along with Corinth (right)

Gorph and Solo posing for the camera like nice young lads -roll

Solo and Gorph again - the dogs actually took a liking to the sinister mage


The identities of these three known felons have been hidden to protect them from possible FBI observance



  Real-life brothers Trickster and Soulcleaver



From left to right: Cobra, Keops and Sphynx.

This picture was taken during Whizbang's visit to Quebec City. As you can see from the faces of Cobra and Sphynx, we were all pretty much drunk. -Keops


Standing up: Elrod, Sphynx, Wimp and Whizbang. Lower: Cobra, Keops and the Mystery Man. Lower right corner, sitting on the couch is Sphynx's girlfriend, Nadia.

Who is that man under the box? 

The Four Imps: Sphynx, Wimp, Keops and Cobra at Wimp's house in Quebec City during a party when Whizbang visited.

The gang takes a stroll to the St-Lawrence River: Keops, Susan (Elrod's girl friend), Elrod, Whizbang, Wimp, and Sphynx. All went to the plains of Quebec City and the shores of the St-Lawrence River the day after the big party. No hangovers here!