This is one of our younger imms, here on Mystic. It's amazing that this little tyke has learned to type at such an early age, not to mention read and write. Extremely mature, despite his apparent youth, Camden was also the clan leader for Trekkers as a mortal. I seriously doubt that the majority of Trekkers, or the imms who promoted him have seen this picture. Surprise, surprise!

Ahhhh. Here we see the real Camden, quite a bit older than above. A simple mix-up in photographs, or did the pressures of immhood age him before his time? Camden is a graduate student at North Carolina State University, in Paper something or other. He has the dubious honor of being Manta's roommate. He has this to say about Manta: "When he's not eating, he's sleeping." Hmmmmm.


Candor addressing world leaders at a conference for peace -salute

Candor and loyal crew!





From left to right: Cobra, Keops and Sphynx.

This picture was taken during Whizbang's visit to Quebec City. As you can see from the faces of Cobra and Sphynx, we were all pretty much drunk. -Keops

Standing up: Elrod, Sphynx, Wimp and Whizbang. Lower: Cobra, Keops and the Mystery Man. Lower right corner, sitting on the couch is Sphynx's girlfriend, Nadia.

Who is that man under the box?

The Four Imps: Sphynx, Wimp, Keops and Cobra at Wimp's house in Quebec City during a party when Whizbang visited.

Here is the elusive Cobra, somewhat drunk in Wimp's living room. At this point, he has yet to hear that on Mystic, he is actually Elrod's father. If he knew, I'm sure he'd be even more drunk, with at least a beer in each hand. See what happens when you're the Imp most likely to be imaginary?


Solo and Son (Solo is the ugly one) along with Corinth (right)