Here's a list of many of the scrolls you can recite to cast magic spells in the game. Where moer than one spell is listed it will cast all of them at the same time! There are more to find so keep exploring!

Thanks to Latharia and Oyg for providing this info.

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Scroll Location* Level* Scroll
Spells Flags**
 ancient parchment  harpy clouds  13/6  12 blindness, curse, poison  glow, nodrop
 birchbark Mydgaard shop 5/39      teleport, teleport, teleport  
 black etched tablet  Astral Plane 32/25       summon, charm person  
 black parchment [1]  wastelands shop 1/51   3 49  locate object, teleport, teleport  glow, newbie, evil, magic, anti-good
 book of riddles      15 21  identify, know alignment, faerie fog  
 bound [2] High Tower of Sorcery 73/70      combat mind, pass door, protection, -6 AC  
 dark spellbook  Stratz 62/98       wall of bones, stone skin, combat mind  
 demonian faerie fog scroll      3 50   faerie fog  glow, evil, magic
 demonian flamestrike scroll      5 13   flamestrike  glow, evil, magic
 demonian pass door scroll      1 51   pass door  glow, evil, magic
 demonian weaken scroll      4 98   weaken  glow, evil, magic
 encrypted scroll great eastern desert 29/22   29 22   cure blindness, remove curse, cure poison  
 energy scroll Elemental Canyon 11/19   12 20   cure critical, refresh  hum
 herbal arts:(etc) New Atlantis 102/22       cure serious  
 history of new atlantis New Atlantis 1/51       create spring  
 Levitation [2]  Kraig's Keepshop 4/29       fly  
 linen [2]  Mydgaard shop 4/1       identify  
 manual of healing arts  Mahn-tor 28/29   31 30   cure light, cure light, cure light  
 martial arts made… New Atlantis 18/41      bless  
 old scroll High Tower of Sorcery 76/28       cure poison  
 paper triangle  Yggdrasil  23/49  25 51   armor, bless  invis
parchment covered in bloody writings      37 14   armor, protection magic
 prenuptual agreement  hell shop 5/20   3 21  cure blindness, detect evil, shield  
 red wax sealed [2]   Thrull shop 3/40       identify  
 rice paper [2]  ??? 35/35       enchant armor  
 rolled scroll [2] Tournament 5/1   1  identify magic
 sacred text of stratz  Stratz 39/92       improve container, mortal restore, sanctuary  
 scroll  High Tower of Sorcery 76/71  none (Oyg) / blindness, curse, sleep (Latharia) magic
 scroll, ‘iron bound’  keep 45/60       fireball, fireball, fireball  
 scroll of parchment  wastelands shop 5/29   2 30   identify magic
 scroll of protection  port 4/13       giant strength, chill touch, stone skin  
 scroll titled 'jhyfrdow'      8 none   
 sextant Isles of the Pirate Lords 27/24   26 25  locate object  anti-cleric 
 smooth vellum  rumania 60/75      heal   
 tattered scroll  ultima 9/24   11 19   enchant weapon magic
 text of the irda  pirate’s cove shop  2/50      become ethereal  
 tightly rolled [2]  graveyard 32/14      color spray, create food, magic missile  
 Vellum [2]   Mydgaard shop 1/10       emergency  
 White [2]  anapest shop 5/25       emergency  
 white wax sealed [2]  Thrullshop 2/40       dispel magic  
 wrinkled scroll [2]  Ultima 9/11  10 10  earthquake  
 written in blood [2]  wamphyri 35/16       armor, protection  
 written on blue paper [2]  High Tower of Sorcery 88/90       curse  
 yellow wax sealed [2]   Thrull shop 4/41       bless  
 "ysafg" scroll [3]     7 1  identify  

* info provided by Latharia       ** info prpvided by Oyg

[1] Latharia just calls it “black”

[2] Larathia misses “scroll” of the end of the name

[3] Oyg had duplicate records for this item