A cleric is also a spellcaster, but very different from a mage. A Cleric uses their magic to protect themselves and others. They are also the best healers found on the mud, with the most powerful healing spells. Clerics lack the attack-spells which mages have. Their healing skills allow them to stand their ground in a battle though. A Cleric's prime stat is wisdom.

Player Review by Celest

Clerics are VERY hard to level in the lower levels because of lack of offense. Also, at the higher levels, clerical spells are 'moody'-- dependent upon the cleric level versus the mob level. Don't get me wrong if a cleric is above the mob's level, infrasound and ultrasound are quite powerful; this is a big IF though. Clerics are likely the most utility based characters on ma; close contenders are druids and adepts and mages. One HUGE factor in the cleric's favor is the ability to sanc other players (the only class on the mud that can do so). Clerics also have a multitude of healing potential. This healing can be focused upon themselves, making the clerics quite able to solo. A cleric is always ALWAYS a nice addition to a group, and is often an essential addition. Groups with a good damage dealing class, and a cleric, can tear through mobs like a Casey-Jones Train through crepe paper.

At the higher levels, clerics are highly sought after for their utility, summon, sanc, heal, godly steed, locate object, bless (the best in the game), cure (poison, blindness, etc.), return, etc. etc.

SUMMARY: Clerics = super healing, but low in the offense dept.

Patron Gods

Kethry, Stich, and Candor

Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: armor
2: cause light
2: cure light
5: continual light
5: create water
6: faerie fire
7: refresh
8: cause serious cause light
8: create food
8: detect magic
9: cure serious cure light
10: blink
10: homage
10: minor cockroach
11: cure blindness
11: detect evil
11: detect good
12: empathic healing
14: bless
14: blindness cure blindness
14: detect invis
14: know alignment
15: cause critical cause serious
18: cure critical cure serious
18: protection
19: detect hidden
19: earthquake
20: Abel protection
22: poison detect poison
25: cure poison
25: infravision
27: dispel evil detect evil
27: identify
27: dispel good
28: harm cause critical
28: heal cure critical
29: sanctuary protection
30: call lightning
30: major cockroach minor cockroach
31: locate object identify
32: remove curse
33: curse remove curse
33: enhanced damage
33: Obscurment infravision
34: fly
34: holy spirit
35: haste
35: reverse walkway
36: control weather continual light
36: flamestrike
39: detect poison
39: faerie fog
40: chant earthquake
40: ultrasound
47: mass invis invis
47: real vision detect hidden
49: dispel magic detect magic
50: summon
50: Mortal restore heal
52: Well of life
54: mass heal heal
55: Water breath
75: godly steed locate object
75: Regenerate Mortal restore
77: infrasound ultrasound
95: Finger of death


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: short club
2: club short club
3: short bow
4: huge mace mace
4: hammer mace
4: boomrang
5: long club club
7: whip
8: knife
10: chain
10: bolt
11: long whip whip
12: long knife knife
13: warhammer hammer
13: long bolt bolt
25: patch