A Druid is a Cleric in the service of Nature. Like Adepts, they are less skilled in the healing magic of Clerics. Druids choose to specialize in the use of protection and nature spells. This provides them with some powerful combat attack spells. Like Adepts, Druids are able to store their magic by brewing potions for the use of themselves and others. A Druid's prime stat is intelligence.

Player Review by Celest

What can I say? DRUIDS ROCK! I don't mean purely offensively here either. Druids take a special sort of player IMHO. A druid should be helpful, and considerate. Also a druid should not expect to do any decent damage at the lower levels and should be willing to group. One of my most common sayings is "emote: {Celest} is DAMN useful." That is because I simply do not do the same amount of damage as the other players a frequently group with, BUT I can homage, heal, spell you up, faerie fire, AND blind the mob we are fighting as well as dispel its magic if needs be. Druids also get the handy skill of brew. As mentioned heretofore IMHO scribe is better, but that does not mean that I don't like brew. Brew is quite nice! Regardless of what everyone might or might not think, Druids are not the be all and end all in damage potential. Yes we do have a powerful spell, but why does this seem new to anyone? On ma1 druids rocked past lvl 57 (the level they got acid blast) and no one complained then. So what is the big hub-ub now? Anyway, even if my earthmaw were lowered, I would still play a druid. The simple fact is I love the class. Heck I played a druid when the best I could do was scratch and maim mobs that con'd at 'perfect match'.

I expect to get lots o disagreement on this one...

Patron Gods

Rosethorn, Tealin, Allanon

Spells and Abilities

Level Spell/Skill Preceeding
2 blink  
5 cause light  
7 EarthMaw  
7 Detect Terrain  
8 create water  
detect magic  
9 continual light  
10 cure serious cure light
detect invis  
Insect Swarm  
11 refresh  
advanced cartography  
12 detect ore  
15 create food  
faerie fire  
invis detect invis
16 cure blindness  
18 NeedleStorm EarthMaw
20 blindness cure blindness
detect evil  
22 wooden walkway  
23 Commune with nature  
24 know alignment  
25 cure critical cure serious
detect hidden  
giant strength weaken
Wings of the Falcon  
26 swiftness  
27 create spring  
28 bless  
29 infravision  
30 Stick to snake  
Snake to stick Stick to snake
Insect Plague Insect Swarm
Fungus Patch create food
33 curse remove curse
35 cure poison  
Warp arrow  
36  dispel evil  
37 faerie fog  
38 call lightning  
40 control weather continual light
enhanced damage  
water elemental  
41 Charm Creature  
42 Force of nature BarkSkin
45 Water breath  
46 vitalize mana  
48 QuickSand  
50 earth elemental water elemental
true aim Warp arrow
55 dispel magic detect magic
57 FireSeeds NeedleStorm
59 real vision detect hidden
60 heal cure critical
Connection blast  
air elemental earth elemental
70 locate object identify
fire elemental air elemental
73 armadillo skin Force of nature
75 Sunburst blindness
80 Summon Treant  
85 Ober otto portal  
Close portal  


Level Proficiency Preceeding
1 normal  
hand to hand  
2 short club  
club short club
3 short bow  
4 huge mace mace
hammer mace
5 long club club
6 bow  
7 whip  
8 knife  
10 chain  
11 long whip whip
12 long knife knife
13 warhammer hammer
15 long bolt bolt