Warlords have a few things in common with Warlocks. Like Warlocks, they have very reasonable physical fighting skills, but unlike Warlocks, they have chosen the path of the arcane magic to help them in their journey. Most spells of the Warlord are geared towards combat. Warlords are even better to have on your side than Warlocks, because they are able to do even more damage to their enemies. A Warlord's prime stat is strength.

Player Review by Crysania

level: beginner+
Fill in that flank! Calvary, prepare to charge!
This is it men; today we come home heroes!
These are words which may pass the lips of a Warlord laying siege to a town. This class is about magically-enhanced strength and power. If you like to rough it up with the best warriors, or test your mystical prowess with the high-ranking mages, then the Warlord is the class for you. One thing which comes to mind when I think of a Warlord, is sheer excess of power. In other words, they could probably do the same job with less might, but hey, if you have the potential, you might as well utilize it, right?:)

Two-thirds Warrior, and one-third Mage is probably a little misleading, since when you begin to mix magic with steel, there exists a large grey area of what is magic and what is that which is man-made. Early on, you will survive on your magical offensive abilities with spells such as Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp and Burning Hands, along with the attack enhancing haste spell. These along with superb skills such as kick, stun and second and third attack by level 23! Once the Warlord aquires the skill of Shield Punch, however, his/her/its career turns toward the might end, and continues along picking up Shield Rush and Suppression, until the level of 51 when all ties to the warrior are just about lost. This pivotal point is when the spell Acid Blast is acquired. Oh my, just about the niftiest and most deadly spell in the game, acid blast is just the prerequisite to two more hand-in-hand spells named Plama Beam and Free Energy. Just let me tell you, happiness is a Warlord with 10 Beams around him, ready to release. You will never think of an area affect spell the same way again:) Oh, one more thing, rumours abound that the Thunderlance spell actually ignores the effects of the Sanctuary spell, hmm...

Probably one of the most lethal combinations since time began has been that of the Warrior/Mage. Warlords hold up to this age-old credo, and then some. Summation: POWER, POWER, POWER! Oh, and you'll level quickly too. You might wake up one day and think, was I playing a thief last night?:) Enjoy!

Patron Gods


Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: ventriloquate
1: parry
5: magic missile
5: kick
8: enhanced damage
10: homage
13: rescue
13: second attack
14: shocking grasp
15: stun kick
17: continual light
19: Animate Sword
20: armor
20: berserk second attack
22: burning hands magic missile
23: third attack second attack
24: haste
25: push
25: Blackmantle
26: IceLance
32: blindness cure blindness
32: Shield punch
37: create spring
44: Shield rush
45: curse remove curse
50: Suppression
51: acid blast
53: Plasma Beam acid blast
53: Free Energy acid blast
53: Tracking
55: Taxation
80: ThunderLance
85: Power grip


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: short sword
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: small axe
2: two_handed axe axe
2: short bow
2: short club
3: small dagger
3: club short club
4: huge mace mace
4: boomrang
5: long bow short bow
6: axe small axe
6: crossbow long bow
6: long club club
7: hammer mace
7: whip
8: dagger small dagger
8: knife
8: spear knife
10: chain
10: bolt
10: lance
11: long dagger dagger
11: long knife knife
11: long whip whip
13: sword short sword
13: warhammer hammer
13: long bolt bolt
13: farming
14: rapier
14: flail
17: longsword sword
19: two_handed sword sword
19: saber short sword
19: long saber saber
20: blade knife
25: patch
44: build outpost
44: dismantle tipi