Priests are Clerics who have an interest in the thieving ways of rogues. Being a specialized Cleric they are able to use healing and protection spells, but they are also proficient in many thieving skills. Priests get a lot of handy utility spells as well. A Priest's prime stat is wisdom.

Player Review by Crysania

level: novice+
Ever wonder what it's like to wander the realms, healing the sick, helping out the weak, and with the might of your faith, crushing the infidels?!? This is what being a Priest is all about. If you like to go solo, this is the perfect class for you, too. The Priest is two-thirds clerical in nature and one-third thief, with a few VERY unique spells to boot. Creative battlers will enjoy this class as having much potential for craftiness.

Starting out, you will have more spells/skills in your range in the first 14 levels than a warrior has his/her/its entire career. Utilize your practice sessions wisely: Learn the Cure wounds spells, and if you can wait until level 17 (when you will acquire the circle skill, perhaps one of the best in the game), do not even bother learning the Cause wounds spells, for you will not need them after you are taught to circle behind your opponents. Also, you will learn the art of Giant Strenth early on, with which you may bully your way through fights:) Other spells which will bring you up to speed offensively are Trip, Teleport Behind, and Flamestrike.

However, one of the best things about a Priest is the utility of the class. Spells/Skills such as Pick Lock, Improve Container (the only class to acquire this spell), Giant Strength, Know Alignment, Change Allegiance, Swiftness, Fly, Wyvern Watch and Subzero Pond (again only the Priest class acquires these two spells), and Godly Steed (a powerful spell indeed). Finally, the Priest is one of the four classes able to cast Sanctuary upon himself. This will allow him/her/it to fight for longer periods of time, taking a greater beating, even considering his/her/its somewhat limited healing capabilities.

Overall, I would have to say that the Priest is a very formidable class. The Priest is a dangerous enemy and always a welcome companion. This class is fun and interesting at the same time. Give it a chance!:)

Patron Gods

None! (ironic)

Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: armor
2: cause light
2: cure light
4: pick lock
5: continual light
5: create water
7: Improve container
8: cause serious cause light
8: create food
10: cure serious cure light
10: faerie fire
10: giant strength weaken
10: blink
10: homage
11: cure blindness
11: detect evil
11: detect magic
12: hunt
13: Pyrotechnics
14: bless
14: blindness cure blindness
15: minor cockroach
17: cause critical cause serious
17: second attack
17: circle
18: know alignment
18: Trip
19: cure critical cure serious
19: detect hidden
20: detect invis
22: earthquake
23: Pyromania
23: Change allegiance charm person
25: cure poison
26: swiftness
29: dispel evil detect evil
30: call lightning
30: enhanced damage
30: major cockroach minor cockroach
33: poison detect poison
33: Teleport behind
35: hide
35: push
35: Wyvern watch
36: sanctuary protection
37: control weather continual light
37: fly
38: flamestrike
40: peek
43: Subzero pond
43: Defile remove curse
45: detect poison
45: faerie fog
55: dispel magic detect magic
80: heal cure critical
80: godly steed locate object


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: small dagger
2: small axe
2: short club
3: short sword
3: short bow
3: club short club
3: boomrang
4: long club club
5: axe small axe
5: long bow short bow
5: huge mace mace
5: hammer mace
6: knife
6: crossbow long bow
7: whip
8: dagger small dagger
8: spear knife
10: chain
10: warhammer hammer
10: bolt
11: long dagger dagger
11: long knife knife
11: long whip whip
13: sword short sword
13: long bolt bolt
13: rapier
15: blade knife
25: patch
54: build outpost
54: dismantle tipi