Warriors are big and tough. They have dedicated their lives to fighting and being fought. They have a wide range of physical attacks and know how to hit their opponent where it hurts. Warriors can become proficient in almost any weapon they encounter. They cannot, however, use any kind of scroll, stave or wand. A Warrior's prime stat is strength.

Player Review by Celest

IMHO, warriors on MA2 need some attention. What with all the mobs tripping, circling, stunning, scalping, etc. warriors are at a HUGE disadvantage. Add to this the fact that most mobs disarm, as well as spell cast and warriors are really hurt. A prime ability of warrior types is the ability to stun, but stun does not affect a mob that can fling spells at them; so this ability is virtually useless for a warrior. Also, the other abilities warrior get (charge, scalp, resilience, 4th attack) are not that good either.

CHARGE: A great attack IF it hits. Usually it doesn't hit though.
SCALP: A really good attack, but it does less damage that BS.
RESILIANCE: PUH-SHAW! Resilience hasn't worked worth a damn since the olden days of MA1.
4th ATTACK: Big hairy deal! As Ssylth pointed out.
These are not whining complaints, as I do not play a warrior. They are very real problems with the class. Some may wonder how I assume such 'problems' exist; I played a Warrior on MA1 (back when Warriors were a decent class) and I have grouped with them quite frequently on MA2.
As far as suggestions go...HELL if I know. But something ought to be done about this class, for they are sorely disadvantaged here on MA2. This saddens me because I really enjoyed playing my Warrior on MA1. I am not sure that anything short of an overhaul will save warriors but I think the class ought to be looked at. Not in terms of what skills they have or don't have; and not in terms of their viability or autonomy. But rather look at the entire picture; examine how the upgraded mobs are going to affect the existing classes. Warriors look great on paper, but in the realm of scalping, tripping, stunning, circling, spellcasting, assisting mobs, Warriors are hard pressed to stay afloat. This is why Warlords have become so intensely popular; as many of you know, Warlords (then called Warlocks) were virtually non-existent on MA1. I believe that the surge in the Warlord population has a little more to do with a cooler name.

These were just my 2 cents, sorry if you disagree.

Patron Gods

Keops, Thalen, Cinneide, Tas 

Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: parry
1: Resiliance
1: Know item
3: kick
4: Forage
5: enhanced damage
5: Sharpen
7: rescue
10: second attack
12: stun kick
15: berserk second attack
20: third attack second attack
20: push
21: Dirtkick
25: bash door
30: fourth attack third attack
30: assault kick
37: Scalp
55: charge assault
58: Sidestep parry
62: Target
70: headbutt charge
73: Power grip
85: Riposte Sidestep


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: short sword
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: short bow
2: short club
2: club short club
3: small dagger
3: sword short sword
3: small axe
3: two_handed axe axe
4: huge mace mace
4: boomrang
5: long bow short bow
6: crossbow long bow
6: long club club
7: axe small axe
7: hammer mace
7: whip
8: spear knife
9: dagger small dagger
9: knife
10: chain
10: bolt
10: lance
11: long whip whip
12: long knife knife
12: flail
13: warhammer hammer
13: long bolt bolt
13: farming
14: huge sword longsword
14: trident flail
15: two_handed sword sword
15: saber short sword
15: rapier
16: scimitar small dagger
17: longsword sword
19: long saber saber
20: blade knife
25: patch
27: claw sword
40: build outpost
40: dismantle tipi