The legendary walled city of Quebec, home of the Illuminati, is centrally located within the realms just south of Moonsmoke Sound at the intersection of Elona Road, Greenstone Road, and Thieves Crescent. Quebec is by far the most convenient staging ground for any expedition. Travelers will find easy access to Stratz, Shire, Mydgaard and Mega-City One. All visitors are recommended to take a look at our historic Grison Hotel. Who knows what treasures are hidden there. One cannot pass through Quebec without having a nice glass of Wine and a plate of Pasta at Tito's Restaurant.

While walking through the city, one is filled with the sweet aroma of freshly baked Danishes and breads. Heavily guarded, The Parliament Building lies in the center of Quebec.

If excitement and danger sound appealing, head any direction out of Quebec; chances are travelers might find some sort of intriguing excursion. Journey forth, and see what lurks beyond the fine walls of the Illuminated city of Quebec.

As these are dangerous times, the gates of the city are locked at night, and heroes such as Redferne and the Ultimate Warrior work vigilantly with the help of Royal Cityguards and those who are brave of heart to guarantee safety within the legendary walled city of Quebec.

 - Excerpted from Blitzkreigs's Autobiography, chapter 11, 'Quebec, my favorite vacation spot')

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Mystic Adventure was founded by a group of students living in Quebec.

Photo gallery of Mystic Adventure's founders in Quebec meeting up with some early players (real life).